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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AMP KK Launch (


It's been awhile, but once I am back, I was greeted warmly by Nuffnang again! My first ever sponsored post is here, thanks to too  : p    thanks for choosing this 4 months old blog to run your sponsored post, looks like listening to JJ & Ean in the car every morning pays off afterall, hehehehe

So guys, lets get started. A regular morning listener since I was in secondary school (back then, the whole purpose was to learn english, lol), have always kept me up to date with the latest hits, but due to the "over the mountains, across the sea" locality, Sabahans like me never really eager to join any events as they were always milessssss and milessssss away..... 

but wait, I used 'WERE', guess what, just being two weeks oversea, and I found out that the 13 year-old have started to run in the heart of KK, since the beginning of December! Man, this will be utterly awesome! can't wait to get home this coming chinese new year! (hopefully something huge will be up by then for me to at least catch a glimpse of my favourite DJs and crews, haha)

For a kick-start, KK will start the ball rollin' with its unique bReAKfAsT Menu à hitz 10-1 program (only in Borneo, hehe, now I feel way priviledged :P),  featuring the Top 10 songs for Sabahans (Lovin' it!), song requests via website (, FB ( or sms (to 32111), you can even talk to them by calling 088-487108 !.... wondering will they accept my request if I were to go knockin' on their studio door, hehe (kidding :P) 

This breakfast program will commence from 10am -12noon, and for the remaining 12nn-10am, localized info such as local news, events, traffic updates, and regional advertisements will be available apart from listening to the nationwide programs (YEAY, no more listening to roads in KL and how congested are they anymore! Think i can memorised most of the street names after years of listening, haha) 

Ou, nearly forgot to mention, hitz 10-1 in KK will be handled by two KK-born angels: Rica & Cassie. Curious on how they look like? I browsed their blog on hitz, lol....come and take a glimpse on their on-air experiences and more (cassie, Rica)...

here's a brief description of them (sorry for the terrible scribble drawings, hehe)

these two seems to be two goofy and funny girls, hope you guys make it to the top and rocks Malaysia like JJ & Ean did! hehe.... all the best!

p.s: Happy belated birthday Cassie (9th Dec wasn't too far away yet, not too late i hope :p)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Istanbul II

for your info, TL means turkish lira
bun seller with a stick, lol
reading for exam under a tree

ahhh...i missed the kebabs
wrap kebab with cheese is finger lickin' good!
most of their supermarkets are underground, with just the main entrance visible from me, its HUGE, inside
the famous grand bazaar
grand bazaar, holding 4000+ shops
look at the sea of people...
everything can be found here, even wooden cheeseboards

my mom loved these, but sadly they are too fragile to be brought back....luckily :P


pomegranate, rich in antioxidant! (thats the only english words the seller knows....)

its 14 celcius, this is around 9am, ou, BAY is toilet, yeah, its underground too, below the atms

look at how small the chairs are, lol

Friday, December 24, 2010


Istanbul is an old old city, you can see the remains of many ancient civilizations and their culture in harmony with Turkish culture. The old versus the new, the traditional versus the modern is a conflict a visitor often observes. The city is full of contrasts, and colorful view....
 The heart of Istanbul is situated in TWO great continent, Europe and Asia, and yeah, having said that, this was my FIRST ever experience of setting my foot in the Europe continent :) 

Sorry for being in hiatus mode for quite awhile now, here are some interesting pictures of Istanbul that inspires me!

Scene outside of my hotel

Vege seller just beside the road

Their motorcycle equipped with gloves, lol.... too cold

This mosque is magnificent, the architecture was superb!!

dinner :)

they have phone chargers everywhere, lol

and how i WISH i owned this car..

most of the houses and roads are built on hills....
Add caption

look at the first main dish, lol

Just when you thought every hotel is magnificent......

wonder how many generations have tread this stone path...

Add caption

the serpent column

The obelisk of Theodosius (brought all the way from egypt during 4th century)

One of the municipal officer on guard

water fountain
p.s: Will upload some more pictures in the next post, too much to choose from, lol......till then, enjoy my friends :)