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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who is to take the blame?

 Feel like writing something today.. Let us all flash back to times when we were young...

Growing up in a huge vegetable and fruit farm, i used to watch how my aunt, uncle and grandma would go to farm every early morning and nurture all those tiny plants of different types. Then one realised that planting something is not as easy as just plain watering it everyday. There are alot of unexpected obstacles along the way, sudden pests invasion, rainy day for a week, scorching sun for too long...all these are inevitable.

And from them, i learn something very meaningful. That blaming is no use at all. When the plant doesn't grow as expected, you don't blame the plant. Instead, act fast and look for what is causing the problem, malnutrition? irrigation difficulties? pests? and find solution to that.

This, all of us understand. If we see someone blaming, shouting at a plant for not growing well, we would say, 'what a lunatic he is'. Yet, if we have problems with our friends or family, or even strangers, we blame the other person. Isn't this the same as blaming the plant?

Blaming has no constructive effect at all, and it does not even make the one who blames look wiser. Why hurt someone by firing at him while all you need to do is to shower him a little bit of care and understanding?

Stop blaming, it is not helping.


pixie alex said...

ye no use of blaming, i always blame myself on it, because i dont have green hands at all, all my plants is the easiest one, because all the complicated will be dead the next day, hahahaha

kyle said...

hahaha......u r funny!

Anonymous said...

nice post! love it!