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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My home, just a FLIGHT away :P

today will be the day i have been
 anticipated for months and months ago.....
finally, it will be 3 long hours 
heading back home

arrr....i missed the sight of airplane traffics at the airport
i missed having my passport stamped
i missed dragging my luggage around the classy building,
acting like a traveler from a faraway land

i missed the sweet and alerting boarding calls
i missed siting at the waiting hall observing passersby
i missed those chocolate and perfume shops 
though i hardly ever have the chance to buy

i missed waiting smartly on my sit
while others rushed to queue half an hour earlier
i missed flipping through the airline magazines
and read through each and every words in it

to top it all

i missed home

(counting down, 11 hours to board...huhu)


Hairil Rizal said...

Pulang ke hometown ke Kyle?
For Chinese New Year holidays?

Mesti lama ni cuti kan?

mie said...

welcome back..

kyle said...

hairil: yup :) lama, x la, seminggu lebih je, huhu

Jiji-Fify said...

laaaa..punya la aku expect berapa taun lagi u nak balik.. rupanya lagi few hours la!!! haihhh..

Lizzie Yasmin said...

welcome home.. hehehe

kyle said...

JiJi: haha....aku balik seminggu je....ade taun2 g kat cnie lar hehehe
Lizzie: thanks, org sabah? hehe

Pirate said...

U post dis at 8AM and u waited for 11 hours to be on board and now I am pretty sure u currently enjoying your moment with your family. Happy holiday Kyle

ijatnuar87 said...

pulang dari maner ke maner?

Anonymous said...

i miss my home 2..huhu~~
tiket flight mahal..huhu