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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Malaysia struggles to stem 'brain drain' as talent departs
By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 12/30/2010
(p.s. do read this interesting article :P)

Read this article, and it really kept me thinking, as Wan Saiful said in the article, what does race and religion have to do with all the tiny things that we applied? Scholarships, house loans, university applications, and so much more.

Will those attributes be a contributing factors in determining the success of our applications? 

If yes, will these, then, be truly fair for all? 

Race, it's not my fault, it's predetermined by God, i have utterly no control over that.
What would one puts then, if he or she is of mixed descent? lets say grandparents of malay and arabic, with another side of indian and chinese, should he or she tick all the race option then? 

Back to the big question, what different does it makes? It really doesn't matter, what colour of skin you have, the inner attributes of all are the same, we are all created to love one another, to treat each others as brothers and sisters, it's the teachings of all great religions, isn't it?

When you become a parent one day, never EVER isolate your children, expose them to diverse cultures and peoples, this is the look of the world today.

Still, this is just a thought, a spark yet to see its shining days.


Anonymous said...

so true. agreed!

Pirate said...

I absolutely agree with u my fren. I really do!

kyle said...

pirate: i know my friend, i always can count on you bro :)

Hairil Rizal said...

Doing a change is always not easy to do...especially when it comes to perception, mindset and culture.

Not possible though Kyle...time will tell :)

Gayahspears said...

nice n3 kyle~