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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

World's greenest cities

Where Mother Nature would feel right at home.

World's greenest cities(Photo:

What makes a city 'green'? It's definitely more than just bicycles lanes and eco-friendly buildings. It's also about green spaces, transportation policies and environmental policies, to name a few. 

1. The city with the green concrete jungle: Vancouver, Canada

World's greenest cities(Photo:

The greenest concrete jungle boasts a huge family of carbon-neutral buildings. Structures abide by the 'Passive Design Toolkit', relying on natural air movements and sunlight heat, to lessen the need for artificial heating and air conditioners.

2. The city with the freshest air: Reykjavik, Iceland
World's greenest cities(Photo:

As a nominee of the European Green Capital, a new Cycling Plan was implemented in 2010, stipulating that an additional 90km of cycling paths would be built in the next 10 years. The aim: to get more cars off the road.

3. The city with the smartest cars: Copenhagen, Denmark
World's greenest cities(Photo:

A local company developed hybrid electric vehicles and the first public hydrogen fuelling station. As hydrogen is created with the use of water and wind turbines, that meant zero carbon emissions and the creation of an alternative source of renewable energy. In addition, a new environmental zone was introduced banning large trucks without particle filters from entering Copenhagen.

4. The city with the greenest land: Stockholm, Sweden
World's greenest cities(Photo:

A majority of the population in Stockholm live within 300m of a green area, like a park. On top of that, passenger trains have zero carbon emission as it is fuelled by organic waste from cows!

5. The city with the greenest music: Oslo, Norway
World's greenest cities(Photo: and

Oslo is a recognized 'greeny' many times over, the recipient of several awards. Festivals like The Oslo Miljofestival and Oya festival keep awareness high and are themselves powered by a hydroelectric dam for energy, followed by responsible clean-ups after, like special sewage treatments and recycling programs.

this amazing article was By Rachel Lai, MSN Travel, 1/18/2011 (msn)

Seriously, our country should make these countries as examples, and put more effort into creating a green least no plastic day is a good start... 

Bicycle lanes, eco-friendly buildings, hybrid electric vehicles, passengers train fueled by organic cow wastes, man....i wish to live in these cities!


g0m0k9enDek said...

berbasikal kalo jadi kenderaan utama kat malaysia mmg best! hehehe!

Nyna said...

Also, we have to start with ourselves: the mentality. :)

Mr.Eye said...

nice article...
i really hope that Malaysia will in the list...
but, there's no point for any policies to be implemented without people's awareness... ;)

as-syahir said...

lets not say 'our country' yet..lets say 'us'.before our country invest more money, we should learn to appreciate the nature first.then the money wont go to waste.

Pirate said...

We ourselves need to start recycling whatever that can be recycled. Stop wasting. Safe our pocket will safe our environment :)