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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why women can't resist bad boys

Read some interesting points, on how women normally fall for the bad boys. So, women, read up and DON'T fall for bad boys again; guys, read up and DON'T be a jerk, acting like a bad
By Flora McCraith, MSN, Updated: 2/18/2011
The traits that some women just can’t resist

stock.xchngBad boys are guys that smooth talk their way into the hearts of women, only to leave them wondering what went wrong as they soak their pillows with tears. They know exactly how to make women putty in their hands so that they fall hard but leave you shamefully wanting more.

No matter how many times we are advised and or whether we tell ourselves that the last smooth talker that left us in tears would be the last, there is just something that allures us back and wanting more of their untamed masculinity.
It’s the overflowing swagger and the boldness that they have that leaves women swooning, allowing them to get away with the stuff they do. It’s their cockiness and their slapdash manner where insults are perceived and taken as compliments that appears to be the major turn on for women.

Women seem to be attracted to their cavalier attitude and indifference. He is uninterested, but women feel they are the one that can change him. The take-it-or-leave-it approach indicates the playboy side to him that tells you he already has plenty of women competing for his attention.

sexy weekend boy
The bad boys know exactly what they want and how to get it. With every flirting technique in the book up their sleeve, they have a chivalrous aura, exude animal magnetism and unforgivingly know exactly how to charm the pants of a woman with their wittiness.

stock.xchngThese Casanovas are well versed when it comes to smooth talking the ladies and keeping them engrossed until they are hooked. They know exactly what to say and their entertaining, yet sharp allure makes women think things seem too good to be true; and they undoubtedly are, yet women find them too hard to walk away from.

These Romeos are clever. They give women the illusion that they are in control, yet they retain all the power. Women don’t want a guy who’s a pushover, but this reverse psychology works like an aphrodisiac. However, their pretence and deception doesn’t remain covered for long and it’s not long till there is the sound of shattered hearts.

source: msn malaysia


mykhalis said...

tak suke tengok cerita heroin chumel jatuh cinta ngan bad boy n tinggalkan hero yg lurus..ishh

kyle said...

haha, tue ar, hero lurus mcm kite ek, hehhe

Anonymous said...

saya suka hero lurus... hahahah :D

kyle said...

haha, ade peminat gak :P tq redvixen hehehe

Pirate said...

A walk to remember :p

Halusinasi said...

wah, nice, bad boy ni terlalu attractive...

Nyna said...

Before this, I wasn't attracted to bad boys, but lately I do. Girls. We always fall for the wrong guy.

Nice post btw! Got me thinking at first, 'Motif post post ni??' hahah :D

kyle said...

nyna: aq bukan bad boys, xde org nak, haha...tue ar nk post post nie, bgtau 1 dunia, bad boys xbaek, kekeke

zmah said...

Entah lah apa tarikan dia??

Nyna said...

Haha Mcm mana org nak kalau dah tuan punya diri mysterious sgt.. Followers da 1000++ sure ada org nak punya.. haha

But sometimes we don't know whether bad boys are really bad boys. Looks can be deceiving.