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Monday, February 28, 2011

passing by

Passing by

Every minute every day
there's times where you and i
With a glance and a smile
we were passing by

Sometime you were swift
maybe it's the alarm's fault
Sometime i was late
whatever it is, we never halt

So i made up assumptions bout you
that you might be an artist or so
With paints and colours in those briefcase
you'll paint no matter where you go

Or maybe you might be an actress
a host or maybe a movie star
Or someone with position so high up
all we can do is to look from afar

Days passed and months followed
and still we are passing by
With a nod, a glance and a smile
no words exchanged, but something meets the eye

There ARE people in our lives
that crossed our path and passing by
Treat them with kindness of love
the very least, give them a glance, a nod and a smile



ctpayong said...

smile is precious
no way compare to dollar and cent
as it is gracious
that ease some pain.

Pirate said...

The title says it all. I need to get thru all the bad days. Thx bro! A really nice expression by a talented and wise poet

kyle said...

ctpayong: thank you :P
pirate: u r welcome :) i am not that good btw, kekeke