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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drink horse semen? anyone? (18SX)

Long renowned for pioneering extreme sports such as bungee-jumping and heli-skiing, New Zealanders are now pushing culinary boundaries by serving up shots of horse semen to iron-stomached food lovers.

The equine delicacy (horse semen) will be on the menu at the annual Wildfoods Festival in the South Island town of Hokitika next month, along with other gastronomic delights such as raw scorpions, chocolate-covered beetles and deep-fried grubs. 

"The idea is you'll have as much zizz as a stallion for a week afterwards," Christchurch racehorse breeder Lindsay Kerslake, who came up with the semen surprise, told Fairfax Media.

He said the shots being sold at this year's festival on March 12 would taste like a milkshake and be washed down with an energy drink chaser.

In the past, these have included rams' testicles and bulls' penises, but these flavoured horse semen shots would be something different, they even comes with a number of flavours, from vanilla, right through to strawberry and chocolate.
story source: msn news
Kyle: Who wana be as wild as a horse, give it a try, i'll definitely pass. Just thinking of it make me


cik ungu said...

ekhhhhhh!!! yekk!!

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amir aizat said...

eeee HAHAH

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kay_are said...

erk!! crazy or what??

Pirate said...

What r u trying to say here Kyle...? Tell me the truth! :p

kyle said...

pirate:...hmmm....that im already as wild as a horse without needing that??? hahaha....kidding :P

Hairil Rizal said...

Urghh! But I like your answer to Pirate. Hahaha!

FurBall said...

im right bhind u..of all the stupid act!!

kyle said...

hairil: haha.....still young maaa..... :P

Gen Fujita said...

Errr, bukka.... nevermind. lol