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Monday, February 28, 2011



Some are made up of alphabets
Some came into being with characters
Some needs a steady hand to write
Some can only be written with a serene mind

They serve as a mean of expressions
putting wondrous thoughts into vivid realities
They bring into life indescribable feelings
that can only be felt within, but with great meaning

They dance across the air merrily
bringing hopes and joy to all they meet
Together with the correct tune they can
even make a broken heart fine again

Yet there are words likened to swords and nails
Together with anger, no goodness will prevail
They slash and stab and cut and peal
leaving wounds that will take forever to heal

So, the next time you decide to express your thoughts
just bring with you words that are peaceful and soft
For words are merely a mirror reflection
of the hidden you within yourself



Pirate said...

You always had nice ideas... comercial it!

kyle said...

haha, how?? i write only when i am triggered, hehe...there's something happening behind all my writings :P

Pirate said...

I know.... i'll trigger you later

kyle said...


kyle said...

i can't wait :P

LuPorTi said...

Haha. This is a very nice one! I like it! Words!