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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 seconds rule

There's this thing, as a '3-seconds-rule',
you might not have noticed it, but
most people around me, seems to be
totally in-tune with this newly found irony.

You might have noticed, that some of them
took nearly half the day in selecting a shirt,
and within 3-seconds, he told you he wants the other.
After another 3-seconds, he turned back to the old selection.

An easy decision to make, but to them,
it is life and death at stake.
They will stand at the crossroad,
took a step forward, yet look hopefully at the back again.

I am actually cool with it, though it irritates me much.
But when it comes to so many '3-seconds' changes a day,
there's just so much a man can take in.
And it ended with a blast.

The road ahead might not be as cool,
nor will it be as sunny as the path beside.
But once you took a step and march right in,
please, move forward, with all your might.

There's no point hesitate, and look back with regrets,
who knows what lies ahead, brings even more surprises instead.
So, to all who is reading this, 
be steadfast and firm with your decision,
and be contented in the end of the day.



Pirate said...

like! like! like!

P/S; Just came back from work :)

Misz-sakura said...

Is this your own words ? Wah, such a bombastic words ! Two thumbs up ! ^^

e-liex said...

in one's life, some of the decisions are life changing decision. once they choose it, it's hardly turning back.
still, manusia hanya merancang, atas sana yang menentukan.

kyle said...

pirate: i like the way u like!! hehe
misz-sakura: haha, yupz :) the date and time of manufacture is under my name in the end of the post, hehehe
e-liex: true :)

Nurul Afifah said...

we should never regret..its a pointless feeling..better focus on what u can do..awesome man..nice entry..

Henry Tan said...

well said! i like !!!

kyle said...

nurul: thanks :) comforting words!
henry: :D

Azham Vosovic said...

Hey Kyle! thanks for visiting... I'm visiting you blog now huhuhu............

HAW said...

i feel like in english class again.. i like :)

kyle said...

thanks HAW :P

Cik Kyla said...

i thought just only have 5 second rule hehe.. :p