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Friday, March 4, 2011



There's boundaries to everything.
A form of wall that you just can't cross over.
There's boundaries, no matter how close you are.
There's boundaries, and some just like to get so near.

Some might tripped over it accidentally,
some choose to trigger it and enjoy watching the aftermath.
Some might not even know of it's existence,
But there are boundaries, that's all to it.

Pushing the limits, some may call it.
Crossing over those boundaries, 
and the consequences may just be unbearable for both.
So, stay on that side of the land, please.

It may seems impolite to chase away trespassers,
especially when anger is steering the whole operation.
So, as polite as one may looks from the outside,
please, if you cross over, you are but
a piece of paper fueling the fire in him/her.



FurBall said...

you really have a thing with words~_~..great..these seems like general but have deeper meaning..

Pirate said...

beautiful as always... u r such a talented person :) keep it up

kyle said...

thanks my friends :)