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Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to be 24-hours tech-free?

People (you and me) nowadays are relying heavily on technologies.
Cellphones, smartphones, laptops, televisions, and so on.
Once awhile, why not try to be 24-hours tech-free?
Here's how:


Always plan ahead of time. If your work needs you to stay on email-alert all the time, even on weekends, set up auto-email reply so people who wish to look for you know when to expect a reply. 

couple snuggling photo
Let everyone know ahead of time what you're doing and that you’re possibly cell-free. Plan activities together with your loved ones. Go for picnics, shopping, sightseeing, cross-country drive, or simply cook and have fun together, cell-free.

This is a value-added bonus. The act of disconnecting with gadgets itself is a de-stressing act. Try allowing yourself a step further in staying healthy, even small and simple exercise at home would make huge difference.

It must be boring to stay at home without any techs, but why keep yourself in? Go out, feel the sunshine, feel the breezes, hit the local park, take a stroll along the beach, get some fresh air, its free.

Yes, today will be a day of spent-less. Time will be well-spent, indulging yourself in a book bought long ago, enjoy a fresh brewed tea, or try out the new cooking recipe, and have fun with your family.

meditation photo
The whole week have been hectic. Today will be a day of silence. Slow down the pace. Learn to meditate. Focus on something that matters, and control your breathing. It’s a boon for the heart, anti-aging, and increasing happiness, among other goodies.

Since today will be tech-free, why not fill your time with some old hobbies that have been stored away too long? Pick up the brush, refill the colours and make rainbows across the white canvass. Make yourself a kite, and fly it high. Better off, share these wonderful oldtime favourites with people around you, and share the joy you used to felt long time ago.


We leaves carbon footprints as we go, especially when we are using technologies. So why not try to go green and pay back mother earth? Do some compost at home, separate the trashes, plant some flowers, a tree, or anything, that would make you feel less guilty of spoil the earth.

What do you do best or love to do? Share it with the people around you and the whole communities. Give free moral education to kids in your neighbourhood, have meaningful activities with the growing youths around your areas, teach them a song, a game, and along the way, guide them. We are who we are because of the community around us, now its time to give back :)


diNa de SoLa said...

it wud be nice to stay away from my lappy for a while..
but that sounds impossible..
loads of assignments n reports..n a lot of other stuff..
ermm nk tgk movie lg..keh3
smua pkai lappy pnya.. :)

Hairil Rizal said...

There weren't really much time for me without those tech gadgets. Firstly, the job commitments need me to stay reachable 24 hours a day through phone. Sigh.. Pernah kena marah ooo dgn bos sbb phone accidentally off!

Anyway, those moments without tech mmg sangat best sebenarnya. Not a moment feeling bored!

BTW, is it you Kyle who played the guitar in that last pix?

Pirate said...

my time without tech gadgets only come when I reached my kampung... limited telephone coverage, limited data to access my i-phone, no Astro, no unifi.. bla bla bla... So 100% commitment to my mother :)

kyle said...

dina: almost all of us are in your situation too :P but once awhile getting disconneted is truly REWARDING!

Hairil: hahaha, that's my friend who is playing the guitar, sadly my fingers dont dance through the guitar strings, clumspy, haha....

pirate: :D i think your mom would be truly blessed getting 100% attention from her son who worked far away, THANKS to the remoteness!!!! hehe

(p.s: i think hairil havent seen my real pic, haha....some day, some day my friend :P, or u can ask pirate XD)

Rozuan Ismail said...

sometimes,technology gives bad effect to us like health, our communication skills and many more

miss nina said...

i think i'll be okay if there is no gadgets such as tv, phone, internet etc.

but i really need a vehicle. 5km distance to my workplace is too far for me, i cant stand walking alone:(

kyle said...

rozuan: TRUE :)

miss nina: 5km, hmm....bicycle is considered a vehicle too, it'll keep you healthy and fit :)