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Friday, March 11, 2011

Are we moving too fast?

Saw this 'beca' on the street of Kuantan few days ago

no one owns it,
and no one seems to have enough of it.

It was just less than few decade back,
when Trishaws roams the road instead of
petrol-fueled machines that disrupt the environment.

People greet each other every morning,
have a cup of coffee at the old coffee house downtown,
and carry on their daily chores with a light smile and a warm heart.

It was those time, 
when children would sip from the coffee cup's plate,
and asked for roti canai with condensed milk to dip with.

It was those time,
when not finishing your food would be a humiliation to the farmers,
and children can find happiness almost anywhere they went.

And then things start moving fast.
Roads have to be paved wider to make way for cars.
People start to get busier than ever.

The greeting stops.
No more over-the-coffee talk.
Daily chores are followed by stress and worries.
Children can have their own cup of drink now.
More if they wished. 
And roti canai are less favoured compared to those fast food chains.
Ordering food and leave it half finished is a symbol of wealth now,
and children are glued with electronics than the world outside.

And when everything is moving so fast,
so fast that some can't even have time to catch a breath,
a blue trishaw with a yellow umbrella passed me by,
and reminded me, "slow down, there's still a long way ahead."



Pirate said...

really deep. Suddenly i realize that, the more we dreams, the more we hope and the more we forget our meaningful life

♥ LT Gadis Senjakala ♥ said...

nice :) i like it...
maybe time moving so fast...
and we continue searching
and yet forget....all the oldies fav..

FurBall said...

OMG!!brilliant!!indeed..we neglected so much of our father norm just to be a modernize man..we forgot our identity..

thomas said...

welcome to the real world,
we're moving too fast that many have been left behind,i wonder what will happen in the next 50yrs,
probably we will be flying around in our cars instead of driving.

whitecappuccino said...

time flies..everything changes ..

KinosKoko said...

we r moving and sometime we forgot to catch owr own breath..

amny.. said...


Gen Fujita said...

"Time is relative to where you are, what you do, and who you are waiting for." - old saying

Anonymous said...

beautifully described! miss the oldies..

kyle said...

thanks all of you! =)

wanacesh said...

sometimes people need air to catch up time they missed,,u gave me that and thanks,,=)

kyle said...

wanacesh: you're most welcome!!

Hairil Rizal said...

Words that come from a deep thinking mind.
Great work Kyle!

I don't find a chance however that the world will slow down. Sigh!

kyle said...

hairil: thanks! haha....your world doesn't need to slow down, :P hows the baby? hope he/she is always in great shape! :)