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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Every job is noble

Maybe, this young girl's job below is not your average dream job, or even side job. But for some, this is at least a legal and decent way, or even, the only way to make a living. If it were you, would you feel ashamed to work as she did while your friends passes you by? Would you still held your head high?

The photos below about a young girl mascot was spreading in internet forums in China, and has been a public discussion. The sender claimed to be a professional photographer, and immortalised the hard work of this girl mascot silently through his lens during the Guangzhou Auto Show last year.

maskolis gadis maskot

I dedicate this to her (and all those who is working hard to earn a healthy living everyday)

Millions of people passing through.
Some were hasty and swift,
some were strolling slowly by.
But out of so many, do they see me?

I wore a suit not cos i've things to hide,
I wore a suit, with all my might.
There's even a mask for me to wear,
a mask, that's suppose to make everyone stare.

With my full suit on, i'm ready to go,
to welcome everyone, to greet every soul.
I might have to walk, stand, pose and wave,
but it's worth it, when i see the smile on their faces.

Ah, it's been hours and hours now,
the comfy suit is almost like steaming clouds.
I quietly find a deserted space,
took of the mask, and wipe my face.

"Hi, so it's you wearing this,
all these while I thought  its a 'He'",
The cleaner auntie took me by surprise,
I gave a friendly smile, while I looked her in the eye.

"Another 5 minute," I told myself quietly.
Hoping to dry off the sweat, with the soft soothing wind.
Though it's hard and hot and stuffed,
but to earn a living, I know it has to be rough.

A sophisticated lady passed me by,
I gazed up, with a glow in my eye.
When would it be my turn to shine?
Would it be tomorrow? Or is it tonight?

With a deep long breath, I stood up and smile.
A job is waiting, lets make it worthwhile.
I might not be, the car showgirl on the side,
but I promised myself, I'll always keep my head held high!

(This poem was written based on the pictures below, in dedication to the unknown mascot girl)

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

maskolis gadis maskot

Pictures from maskolis


jay damien said...

wahhhh~ comel lah awek maskot ni... cute jer...

Nyna said...

Life is hard.. but we have to do what we've got to do to survive. If only money never exist in human's mind..

May God bless that girl. And others of in the same situation.

Lydia Miza(Aidyl Azim) said...

bkn semua org blh kerja cam girl ni...tgk berpeluh2 wajahnya tetap ceria

beaty said...

maskot tapi cun jua ahh...cute la

armando_et said...

cun seh awek maskot ni....

Anonymous said...

kesian dia berpeluh2...

Rainbow said...

u r great boy wth a good poem!
she is wonderful gurl with strong passion!

Haryati Molly @ Tunung said...

Nice poem kyle..
BTW, If I am the girl will proud of myself because I earn money by honest way and I absolutely will held my head up because I am still a survivor in the field of misery.

kyle said...

rainbow: tq, now its raining heavily here, hope to see you after the rain, hehehe

haryati: thanks!! totally true, hope her story would inspire us all not to give up easily :)

akmal said...

good girl

missSenget said...

that girl very cute~~!! :)

sha said...

apa- apa aja lah. Janji halal dan tak menyusahkan orang lain

Mr Strider said...

damm..she so cute to be a maskot..hehe..but i a good job if she enjoyed it..hehehe

Miss Dill said...

girl, you rock!

Miss Dill^^

wanacesh said...

wah,,comel gk awek tu,,bguslah kei angkat orang macam ni,,=)tapi kt malaysia jdi maskot biasa lelaki,,kalo kiter ok je nk jdi maskot pasal x nmpk muka org x tau,hihihi(sory speak malay =)

Allison said...

I wouldnt be ashamed. At least Im working hard to make a healthy and decent living. No matter what it's better than not trying or some who only wants to find the easy way out. :)

kyle said...

wanacesh: tak ape, hehe
allison: totally agree with you :)

noorcahaya said...

she is beautiful ! she should be the one beside the car !

Naddia said...

aku nk je jadi moskot gurl nti ade orang amek gambo dgn aku pahtu picit2 aku sbb moskot kan kiut..

kyle said...

naddia: hahaha.....betol gak, pastue bukak2 maskot muka lebam, adoi, hehe

MumMe said...

wat i learn frm americans...u choose ur own life...doesnt matter if u r a resigned lawyer for a post of proud of who u are...

caliph shuriken said...

ceria jaa awek ni sbb cari rezki cara halal ^^