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Saturday, March 26, 2011



A mile away i saw your smile
you waved and asked me politely
if you could stop and stay awhile

And here you are dressed delightfully
we sat and talked about yesterdays and
tomorrows over a cup of fresh brewed tea

But tomorrows seems uncertain and dark
your voice started to shake and tremble
when you recalled the journey we've embarked

It's then when your tears started to fall
you weeped gently
and the whole sky gave it its all

Soft drizzles touched our cheeks 
Black clouds were adorning above
with occasional lightning at the mountain peak

And then large teardrops came gushing down
hitting every objects below equally hard
every where seemed disastrous, every where on the ground

Its like no more sunshine can be found
and together gone the hope for a future
yet nature celebrates with melodious sound

Beyond those blurring eyes you saw
plants are blooming, seeds growing
and frogs are dancing and singing for all

Fishes are swimming gladly, ducks waddling by
It seemed like you came and 
everyone welcomes you with a smile

And so i pat you on the shoulder
gave you a warm  long hug
and pray that tomorrows will be better

And i can assure you that tomorrow
might be uncertain and dark
but there will always be sunshine
after a heavy rain

(p.s: I wrote this after been through 12 hours of non-stop rain here in K.Terengganu, looks like its Tengkujuh all over again =P )


syairahmohdanuar said...

bestnye poem nie >< *poem kan?

aku nabihahaha:) said...

habis imagine dah..touching kaw2

kyle said...

syairah & aku nabihahaha: tq tq, hehe

cemomoi said...

suka hujan. suaranya merdu di hujung cucuran atap, mendamaikan...

apik pehe said...

hujan skang x menentu..

Titisan Hujan said...

Beyond those blurring eyes you saw
plants are blooming, seeds growing
and frogs are dancing and singing for all

i like!!

kyle said...

cemomoi: agree!
apik pehe: tue ar, skrg sepatutnye abis tengkujuh dh, entah nape hujan je bbrp hari nie...huhu
titisan hujan: terima kasih!

faryzh said...

musim hujan ke kat terengganu sekarang ni?dah lama tak balik terengganu..

kyle said...

faryzh: a'ah...minggu nie tiap2 mlm hujan lebat jew....tandas kyle pon dh masuk air...haiz...nasib baek air hujan yg bersih lol

little cart00n said...

lama tak main ujan!

||aLeaSaRa|| said...

erkkk parah dah tu kalau air sampai masuk toilet.wah ni hasil nukilan hati sendiri ke?wowwww...thumbs up!tiap kali ujan kite bacalah lirik ni jadikan lagu...ala..macam November Rain Gun's N Roses tu he3..

kyle said...

aleasara: yup, kyle tulis sendiri, wa, jadikan lagu? kyle xpandai,haha

wanacesh said...

kyle da bakat la,umur dh bp?suka part last tu
always sunshine after heavy rain,,
sebab kita pon kt kt,,hrp sunshine siang hari,dapat pergi kelas sambil menyanyi hihi..

kyle said...

wanacesh: haha, umur?? lepas degree dh,lom 30 g,hehe....KT hujan g mlm nie :P

Rainbow said...

i love the title..

rain... hehe...