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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Would you stand for hours?

Would you stand for hours?
 just to have your chance to get in the convenience shop?
No one here is seen to jump queue, and every one is waiting patiently.
This is truly a respectable nation, with high morality citizens.
And here we are boasting how advance we are, 
cutting queue is everyday drama, seen in malls, cashier counters, and worse, the free milo car.

When would we all learn to at least think of others first before ourselves?
You might say its impossible, but the whole Japan nation can prove you wrong.


Hairil Rizal said...

In desperate times, even the impossible no longer exists!

p/s: New look eh? I am trying to adapt to the 'difference' :)

cik ciput said...

NO-WAY!hahaha..gila ah..

kyle said...

hairil: the old one nicer??

shark said...

nk survive puny pasai..
x kesah ler beridir bper lama.

-Incek Fik- said...


Aqeela LaEn :3 said...

and it's all because of food . this shows that foods are important to human .