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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keep husbands SEXUALLY satisfied to curb infidelity?

"A wife who obeys and fulfils her husband’s sexual needs will deter him from infidelity or going to prostitutes — that is the Obedient Wives Club’s (OWC) solution to curb social ills across the globe. 
OWC vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamad told reporters that women often forget their duties as a “good wife” also entails pleasuring their husbands in the bedroom.
“If you look at the world today, women are already being treated as sex objects... in magazines, on TV... so why can’t they be sex objects to their husbands? It is legal and permitted by God.
A good wife is a good sex worker to her husband. What is wrong with being a whore in bed to your husband?” she asked. 
She said the OWC will hold seminars and talks to train women to be good wives, counselling sessions for married couples and will even offer lessons on sex and the art of seduction to those who request for them. 
Dr Rohaya admitted the club’s message would invite much controversy and criticism, particularly from women’s rights groups and feminists, but insisted that a wife’s obedience to her husband would ultimately keep men from resorting to prostitution to fulfil his sexual needs. 
Dr Rohaya said a man who is kept sated and satisfied in the bedroom would have no reason to stray and this ultimately results in a happy and passionate marriage.

When asked if a wife should remain loyal and obedient to her husband if he abuses her or insists on going to prostitutes, Dr Rohaya said: “God has his ways and is fair to all. A husband is also subject to God’s rule, meaning he can go to hell too. But a woman must be a good wife to the end.”
 Source: MalaysianInsider
What's on Kyle's mind

I don't truly agree with curbing infidelity, just by keeping husbands SEXUALLY satisfied. This is absolutely a one way weighing. There are responsibilities in both husbands and wives, including sexual needs, but, simply putting this as a SOLE solution to curb infidelity? Think again..

Before infidelity can occur, marriage have to take place. Now, what do you put your basis of marriage on? Love, understanding and loyalty? or just the simple fact that she/he is physically appealing, and arouse you, alot?

If it is the later option, then only will one seriously have to be "keep husbands sexually satisfied" to prevent him from infidelity, but still, i don't think keeping a guy sexually satisfied is going to prevent him from infidelity, if all he wants is SEX.

"A good wife is a good sex worker to her husband" (quoted from above)?
How imbalance is this statement? What about the husband's responsibilities? If one just can grade the quality of one's wife by her sexual performance, it is better off one marry a whore, she is way more experienced... lol

On the other hand, if a marriage is built on love and understanding, and solidified with passion, patience, care and many more virtues, there is no room for infidelity. Both parties talks to each other, sharing their dreams and passion together. Men and women are like wings of one bird, both must flap equally so that the bird could soar high.

The couple must learn to live together in harmony, and to work together as a team. They should share their concerns and the events of their lives and always show affection to one another.

Neither parties has the right to impose their wishes on the other:

"There are, therefore, times when a wife should defer to her husband, and times when a husband should defer to his wife, but neither should ever unjustly dominate the other."

1 comment:

Cikya said...

truly true.
marriage is about give and take. give more and expect less.
it's about acceptance, not toleration.
damp of toleration might burst out in the end.
loyalty, love, understanding, insyaAllah make life through.. :)