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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Against Them All

Against Them All

Sometimes its tough 
just to go against the crowd.
Sometimes it felt so right
when everyone is pushing high.

Maybe we all want acceptance
longing for comfort, friendship and company.
Most of the time, it's those little things
and slowly it shapes you and me.

But does flow with the crowd
seems right or feel right from within?
You knew it is right?
Or do they told you it was right?

No one decides who we are.
So have a little faith
buckle up, pick a stand
and never look back again.

Don't let people's influences get in the way.
Some principles of life are there
for a reason, and let them stay that way.
don't worry, He knows what is best.

So, say your prayers, 
pump in a lot of faith,
tag along bundles of love,
and ride between the waves.



Hairil Rizal said...

Hey, where you've been all this while??

Ali Kanchan aka Pirate said...

Nice come back friend :)