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Monday, April 4, 2011

Newspaper turning Hornbills into Toucans, lol..talking about professionalism..

Was flipping through a local newspaper this morning, and I came across this article above.

Immediately the image of the bird strikes me. I'm not a huge fan of birds, but since I at least love to flip through the thick and dusty encyclopedia,  I was like "what is the picture of a Toucan doing in Malaysia's news?"

Scanned through the headline, only to realize that they are actually trying to mean the case of the 5 soldiers slaughtering hornbill happened just a few days ago. Yet, this newspaper company wrongly labeled "burung enggang" or Hornbill for a Toucan. LOL.

Ask my 10 years old niece and nephew and they can tell you the bird in the picture above is a typical Toucan.  And you labeled it as Hornbill? Just go and google burung enggang or hornbill or even have the curiosity to read through the wikipedia page which you copied from and you will find that the Hornbills and Toucans are even from different Order, and Hornbills fall in the family of Bucerotidae while Toucans are from the family Ramphastidae. 

This reflects how easily news can be published in our local newspapers. Millions of people reads the newspaper everyday, if even world-known facts like this can be incorrectly printed out, who knows how much truth can there be beyond all those words and pictures?

Sorry, was kinda agitated when talking about an innocent beauty of nature just fell and returned to earth earlier that it should be. And here the least one can do is put an accurate picture of that poor Hornbill, instead of an unrelated Toucan, LOL. It's not like Hornbills live in Antartica and we seldom heard of them.

For those of you who is still blur,

photo credit: ©Copyright Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) - 2009 All rights reserved


Pirate said...

embarrassing errors by the prime press... fuhhhhh malu malu malu

totoromalas said...

press should learn more...

and is hornbill related to vulture? cuz the pic... hmmm, the radhead one... kinda looks like a vulture

kyle said...

no, that's a toucan :)

sha said...

haha~ diorg tak faham sebenarnya yg macam satu.. hihi~

thomas said...

The reporter and it's editor must be sentence to life imprisonment in Belum National Park.

Hairil Rizal said...

..and they said that Reporters/Journalists are more knowledgeable than Bloggers?

Got them wrong there!

caliph shuriken said...

they should learn more, huh...

latest en3: pinjam seterika ajaib sat na

FurBall said... from so shocked when they put the bird that symbolize my place with another one..ehehehe..sarawak..the land of toucan..ahahaha

nurHeart said...

uikkk?? now i know haha.. :D

Cikya said...

ouch, reality bites~