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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cry of the Hornbill

Cry of the Hornbill

When the skies were still brilliant blue
and myriads of stars adorning the night,
When trees were still leafy green
and fruits were abundant for all to dine.

It was a tale passed down from time to time.
Only generations passed, and we have seen its worse.
There were once, thousands of us,
and now I can barely spot another me.

Trees are crumbling down each day, 
animals being hunted down or chased away,
I flew from trunk to trunk,
 just hoping to see another day.

Foods are scarce, home are even hard to find.
I'm fortunate to find a nest, 
make it comfy, to shelter from the violent world
for my partner and my future generations.

Sometimes, even at night I dream of the sound 
of the heart-tearing chainsaw playing on and on.
Sometimes, I was shock from sleep,
just to find my shelter going down in steep.

But I made it through each day,
I don't know how, but I succeeded anyway.
I've heard that we hornbills symbolized strength,
but for me, strength is all I have to live another May.

Some hunt us for our feathers and beaks,
some shot us down just to have a meal to eat,
some hunt us as recreation and fun,
some hunt us, just for the glory of it.

And I thought, I would have another day.
Just hoping through looking for food,
and suddenly all I heard, 
was a gunshot and flame.

I tried to fly but I felt to the ground,
I turned my head around and saw,
five young men, decent enough I thought
to at least spare me some living grounds.

But soon I saw the shimmering knife,
instantly I knew, my time is near if I can't fly.
I hovered and flapped, kicked and cried,
with all my might, but regardless, they got me tied.

With tears running down, I say my goodbyes.
Goodbye to my partner and my newborn chicks,
within a sealed wall in a huge tree trunk,
waiting for me to fetch home some food and supplies.

With me gone, my chicks wouldn't made it through,
my partner too, cause she's too weak and the wall's too thick.
I wiped my last tears, for I have to die,
 I'm sorry, to all the lives that have to go along.

With blood gushing out relentlessly, 
I made a last cry, 
so loud, it could reach the sky.

A flash came through,
and my bloodstained body,
was immortalized.


(This poem is based on author's own creativity and fictional, thank you)


apik pehe said...

haaa..tadi baru jer apik terbaca pasal berita ni..dasat2..dah la burung tu da nk pupus..

kyle said...

tue ar bro, kesian sungguh...

Suhami Ahmad said...

napa ni? diorang buat apa ngan burung tu

Along Usop said...

agak ar...

sekalipon haiwan tu dah nazak..
tak perlu la bergambar mcam tu.. =.=

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

omg !! is that real bird ? wallaaaahhhh

Lydia Miza(Aidyl Azim) said...

aduh..abang2 tu bergambar sungguh bergaya ngan burung tu.risau menyakitkan burung tu je..huhu

blog-tips-kurus said...

goblok betul la mamat2 tu..!

YOUsoF said...

Apsal la 'bijak' sangat diorang buat benda tu kan....

FurBall said...

nih mesti tak belajar sains nih.binatang terpelihara tuh kot hornbill..mmg nak kena ke saje jew nak cari pasal??eyh..dua benda yg sama..