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Friday, August 27, 2010

Afternoon Nap Can Make You Smarter

Under the scorching afternoon sun, im dozing off......and look what i have found   :)

Afternoon Nap can make You Smarter
© Dr.P.Elayaraja
Nap Break
A short break in between the work hours can make you smarter. A nap brake for about 20-30 minutes will increase the concentration and recharge the energy level. 
Sleep apnea or sleeplessness is the leading problem everywhere. Research by NASA shows that a nap break of 26 minutes given to pilots increased their efficiency by 34%. From these one can understand the importance of nap break in between the work hours.

Falling asleep soon after a meal is considered a bad habit by many and those who sleep (nap) in the afternoons were tagged as lazy people. This is totally untrue and according to various findings, afternoon nap gives more benefits than harm. Even if you are having a good sleep in the nights, it is always good to have a short nap in the afternoons as it can be beneficial and refreshing.
The duration of afternoon nap is a more important aspect that has to be considered. To maintain a good biological rhythm, the afternoon nap should be more than 5 mins and less than half an hour.
Maintain a regular timing for the nap break, do not take coffee, tea or cigarette before sleep.
The benefits of afternoon nap are:
  • Reduces stress and gives peace of mind
  • Regain the lost energy
  • Increases the memory power and grasping ability
  • Maintains a healthy heart
  • Increases IQ and makes you smarter
  • Intestinal activity becomes more efficient

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Sumandak Kinabalu said...

Very useful information but I'll be damn if my boss caught me sleeping in the office (even if its my rest time)..hehe