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Sunday, August 29, 2010

And i thought

And i thought

I still remember when i was a child, 
i thought that everything was perfect,
and everything was beautiful.

And i thought that oceans were always blue, 
that all flowers were red, 
and that only white fluffy clouds adorned the sky.

And i thought that rains were teardrops from above,
that breezes were whispers from afar,
and that stars were winks from people i loved.

And i thought that dolphins were always happy,
that seals were dogs that went diving too long,
and that cows only learnt one word in their whole life.

And i thought that mermaids do exist,
that cats had nine lives to live,
and that donkeys aren't as dumb as they seemed.

And i thought that pain was what makes us human,
that love can conquers everything,
and that time does heal all wounds.

And i thought that there will be rainbow after rain,
that sun rises majestically every morn,
and that sorrow will melt with the smile of a child.

And i thought that laughter was contagious,
that no money can bring eternal joy,
and that happiness was always only a stone-throw away.

And i thought that we were all the same,
that there was a warm and caring heart,
underneath the different color coats of ours.

And i thought that nations were borders that we create,
that love transcends across these boundaries beautifully,
and that its way easier to choose peace than to vote for war.

And i thought that words and deeds should complement each other,
that an act of kindness must also comes from a good intention,
and that everyone possesses virtues, no matter how bad they are.

And i thought that everyone was able to make a change,
that luck and chance play very minor roles in determining who we are,
and that at life's crossroads and junctions we decide who we will be.

And i thought that good friends were siblings God forgotten to give us,
that foes will not be foes if we treat them with love,
and that all of us are brothers and sisters.

And as time goes by, we all grew up, 

and i still think the oceans are always blue.


2.58am, 27th August, 2010


Sumandak Kinabalu said...

Oh! This is lovely...

Mabel Low said...

Wake up! Oceans are now... pink! :P

kyle said...

Sumandak kinabalu: tq :)
Mabel: since when?? so out...haha

Hazniza Zin said...

owh .. nice~!

mabel : hahah .. pink?