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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stop Eating SHarkfins

A whale shark was found stripped off all its fins, thanks to the lucrative sharkfin business.
Destroy the life of these gentle creatures, just to have a bowl of sharkfins? 
where is your conscience?

This is how a whale shark suppose to look like   : (


Gen Fujita said...

shark fin contains high amount of mercury which is good for those who want to die fast, those who believe shark fin can cure cancer are just bunch of idiots.

kyle said...

:), safe the sharks, the deserve a chance to live too!!

shada | wentz said...

aww...cian gle. T__T

hidup lagi ke tu..?

aSmiDar said...

cian nya..

zaujahafis said... word to say it...its really fun

Khazanah_Illahi said...

how pity dat shark..
dats what hpend when people juz think bout their self!!

"My name is Akma, and I am not a terrorist" said...

ape yang korang x mkn??? semua nya nk mkn,.!! hadoiii