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Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Since young we’ve found
that scribbles and mistakes
can be erase to none.
An eraser is all it takes.

It erases the thoughts unwanted
It scribes off the song unsung
It cleans the mess we’ve done
Undo everything, eraser’s the one!

How I wish that life
also comes with an eraser
to undo the things we’ve done
so that life’s simple and fun.

Everything will be so perfect
with no mistakes to be made.
Find a part of you that is sad
rub it off and you’ll be glad!

Sadly in life,
there’s no eraser around
to wipe away our tears
to swipe away our fears.

We have to understand
mistakes give us a chance
to fall down and strike again
and learn to be a stronger man

Through it we gain courage,
wisdom, strength and zeal
so we don deal problems with rage
and don’t fake what we feel.

(wrote this when i was still in form 6  :P)


ctpayong said...

ingrained in your heart...

experience you pass by is something you cant buy.

YOUsoF said...

so nice! ;)

Jiji-Fify said...

u're indeed talented, dude! :O

kyle said...

thanks my friend :)

chairooL ruLez said...

you got the talent there!!!

Cheqna said...

I like this...a simple subject but you managed to expand it into a nice poem.

thank u for sharing this.


kyle said...

tq chairool, n ur welcom cheqna :)

Hairil Rizal said...

Perfect. If we can erase everything, we have nothing in our hearts and minds to remind ourselves on what to do in the future when the same situation arises. In the end, we'll fell again and again and again...

p/s: I feel that including myself, lots of my blogger friends are having some sort of emotional disturbance latelt. Ye ke? Don't you think so?

kyle said...

hairil: hmmm......think it's this time of the year, lol

Zuriati Abdullah said...

hei Kyle, you're good in writng poetry, may become lyrics for a song, like taylor swift,first she writes a poetry than became hit song.