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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Walls of glass

Kyle is currently at uni library, sitting at one cold corner, not knowing what to do. So, he scribbled down what may seemed as his first post, wrote about what he has been doing, in this 3 month old blog.

Actually he went to library for presentation slides correction, but computers here only runs on office 2003, and pendrive undetectable .... huhu... plus, being answered back harshly by the reception girl doesn't make him felt any better, lol......whats wrong with a lil smile? Shoving everyone with a face like "you-owe-me-rm1000" doesn't make your life any happier, does it?

Ok, back to the point, so here he is, fingers on the keyboard, dancing pointlessly between alphabets, trying to get time flies by faster..... (there's a 3.30pm meeting with supervisor)....hmmm....."ideas aren't gonna rush in in these cold environment", he thinks to himself. Handfolded, laid back, he starts to observe people around him. The computers here are arranged in an outward square position, so there's four person sharing one square post. The guy siting right opposite of Kyle is talking on skype, to his girl friend apparently, with all those sweet talks and occasional giggles. A girl siting directly on Kyle's left is smiling to herself, probably proud of what she had done on whatever she was typing. Another girl opposite of her, all in black, from her tudung to her shoes, is squeezing her head though, "not so lucky i guess", Kyle whispered. A quick turn behind, Kyle is greeted with these huge transparent walls of glass, with a thick layer of vapour condensed on the other side. "What's with warm countries nowadays, can't we just have air-conditioner switched to a slightly below normal temperature? almost everyone in here wears a sweater, except me, energy wastage, applause" he starts with his green campaign again. Ou, the girl beside has switched to facebook, hmm....boredom starts to creep in.

It just felt weird, having green trees waving at you and blazing sun is smiling brightly outside, while you are as cold as hell, just a wall away. Kyle starts to shivers. Less than half an hour, and he has reaches his cold-tolerant limits. Looks like time has swept away his ancient glory of making it to the top of Mt. Kinabalu few years back. Kyle still don't know why people loves to brag about how withstanding they can be with temperatures below normal.....hmm.....maybe that's one features in life they can really brag about, hehe....

The guy sitting opposite sure seems happy, cos with his earphones on, he doesn't know how laugh is his laughter..hehe...but its ok, at least he sends a joyful warm vibe over to Kyle, and makes Kyle a little bit happier too :)

So, Kyle is writing aimlessly, and if you successfully reached this part of the post, he would really like to ThAnk You for staying on with him, sorry for those who are anticipating any mysterious creatures of the other realm or secret sliding doors of Hogwarts time maybe, next time....  :P

Till then.....have a pleasant day guys!


adwafarahin said...

have a good day to u too!

noreed said...

oo usha org ye kat library. cepat siapakan slide presentation tu. hehehe

Hairil Rizal said...

Poor Kyle.. the coldness must have caused all these damages!!

Go back and recuperate ok!