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Wednesday, November 10, 2010



A swift glance of you and it made me sway
Brushed through you and I felt the breezes of May
I tilted my head back to take another peek
What was it in your heart you seek?

Could it be a good and attentive listener?
Or perhaps a gentle pat on your shoulder
Maybe time is on your side
Maybe the weather today just don’t seem right

I pushed myself harder and took a turn
For I believed in something beyond reasons
That a hunch may means so much
It even beats the beautiful spring of March

And so nervously I held out my hand
Greeting you right before the yellow bus stand
You shook my hand and instantly I knew
There is more waiting to be continued….

8:48pm 09/08/2009


Kalamhati said...


Bain n Adi said...

nice heee

Hairil Rizal said...

Hmm..was written quite some time ago. Wonder where were you back then?

kyle said...

hairil: all i can reveal is that, the yellow bus stand does exist, :P

Gayahspears said...

aduh.. terkesima gayah..
huhu... ala bersambung lak... cepat2 nak baca 'You' yg seterusnya..hihi
im waiting 'You'