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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coloured glasses (Spec berwarna)

Coloured glasses

What is wrong with this world?
Why do people behave like this?
When does all this started?
Where did all the virtues go?
How can we fix this?
Who   ........    is to blame?

Is there any good in condemning others?
Just to bring yourself a step higher?
All you will achieve is two friends
stranded and hurt, drifting apart further.

Are we suppose to act this way?
Cursing and hating others everyday?
We are all children of God,
and in His eyes, equal will we all stay.

When one begin to speak ill to others,
it will starts a chain reaction.
People will be shooting at each other,
and believe me, it will pass down through the generations.

Veils of misconceptions and seeds of hatred
have been sown deep down all the way.
But if we are pious and steadfast enough,
weeding those off, there are no other easier way.

Knowledge and skills aren't gender-biased,
nor they prefer any race i believe.
All that counts is hard-work and will
to ever pursue for excellence day by day.

Language and race won't be a barrier,
if we treat others with love and respect,
we are all sisters and brothers,
with one heart beating the same.

Good deeds have to be coupled with pure intentions,
so that its praiseworthy in His sight.
What more if you are condemning God's creations,
Planting hatred and promoting fight?

So what can we do now to curb all these?
First, take off our coloured glasses,
burn away the veils of prejudice,
and start treating others with a sincere heart.

Without those coloured glasses,
you will find that we are not 
so different
 from one another afterall.

So, let me ask you now.

are you still 

viewing the world 

with your COLOURED GLASSES on? 

(p.s: this poem was written in reply to a lecturer's half-an-hour comments, i don't know whether he is playing the racism issue cynically, hypothetically, or just for fun, but i don't agree with what he has said. Giving out negative comments like that in an open class (no matter what your intention is), you have no control on what you are spreading to your pupils, how they might interpret what you said, and what is the consequences you might have on their minds, you might as well "faning" this issue indirectly. So, to all of us out there, if you are against racism or any kinds of prejudices, don't, DON'T approach it negatively, we as humans are endowed with intellect, 
adorn your words with kindness and love, that will TOUCH the hearts of others )


Henry Tan said...

Hmm.. not to say totally, but i do have a little bit of wearing colored glasses.

I guess the only time being racist is when some particular race of people did something wrong, den we will tend to blame that particular race instead of that person.

kyle said...

yeah, and that is wrong......never ever judge a person, judge his actions, but not his person, let alone his race....

every1 has something good in him/her...

Anonymous said...

Trying hard not to judge a person by the race.. children are better in this than some of us adults.

kyle said...

agreed cgmas!