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Thursday, September 23, 2010

the Girl Effect

 The powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society.


Because when adolescent girls in the developing world have a chance, they can be the most powerful
force of change for themselves, their families, communities and nations.

But while those 600 million girls are the most likely agents of change, they are
invisible to their societies and the world.

i liked this video, it portrays a very strong message, that equal rights of education girls is important in determining what a future world you wants, and that they play a more important roles, whether in educating the next generations, or assisting the society they lived in. Thank God Malaysia make it compulsory for all kids (be it boy or girl) to be educated in schools :)

so, for us guys, give them some respect, hehe......salute ya!



Dark Half said...

awesome video. they just use the fonts to express the message but the impact is tremendous!

Uruchimaru @ kf said...