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Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Currently, there are 3 plans available for iPhone 4, namely iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238. As an existing DiGi user, I am already accustomed with the amazing features of FnF privileges, connecting up to 6 loved ones with unbeatable rates. Well, as a student, the most UNBELIEVABLE deal for me is the affordable rm58/month iDiGi 88 plan. YES, rm58. It's just like my current monthly DiGi prepaid usage, so that won't add any burden for me as a student at all. 

Besides that, this iDiGi 88 plan provides me with the most basic needs of a student - sufficient free voice, sms and internet quota.On top of that, the rate of voice, sms and mms after the monthly free usage have depleted are also at their lowest, nearly similar to the D' campus package that I am using now :) . The most important of all, no worries if I exceeded the monthly quota for internet usage, because NO extra charge will be applied! How wonderful is that!! 

Ou, before i forget, iDiGi 88 plan also comes with a unique option, the choice to upgrade to higher plans if the current plan does not suit the user's lifestyle anymore. This versatile upgrade options convinced me even more to opt for this iDiGi 88 plan, because I will be finishing my master studies soon, and as I step into the working field, I might need to step up on the iDiGi plan for better savings! 

So, yeah, with only rm58/month for 2 years, this DiGi iPhone 4 package is the BEST DEAL available, EVER  !  


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noreed said...

teruja btul dgn promotion digi ni

kyle said...

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