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Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Hmmm...before i start writing on any cool iPhone Apps, allow me to take all of you back track 15 years in time where wooden houses, free-range chickens, cows and old metal bicycles were still the most common things in town. 

I was around 10 years old that time. My brother and I used to lie down on the green grass field and stares at the starry night sky, listening to the clear crickets chirping and feels the gentle night breeze brushing through our cheeks. We will starts counting stars, making silly animals out of it, naming some of them for us, some for our family members and friends and wait for a shooting star to pass by. Under the awesome night sky, it felt like the universe is a big playground with no end and the more deeper you stare at it, the deeper it will grow. When its near bedtime, grandma will always come with a cup of hot tea for each of us, before bringing us back and tugging us all in bed.  

That was 10 years ago. As the years go by, I have more knowledge about astronomy. I learnt about different positions of certain stars that would appear at a given time. It's amazing to know all these, but when given a star chart for me to hold in my hand, I just simply can't fit the whole big universe of stars into that piece of paper.  In the end, I can only manage to find those few that are easiest to spot, and the rest, "well, maybe there are new stars that haven't been discovered anyway", was my explanation for myself. And when computer came about, starry night sky watching seems to be one hobby that I have packed into a box and stored it carefully at some corner of my heart, without even knowing it. 

After starting university life, this little hobby of mine seems to pop out again, because it let me re-live all my childhoods memories and bring me a sense of warmness in my heart. It felt like my parents, brothers and grandma are really just a blink of an eye away. As I am watching the stars right now, they might be too, and I bet I can see their smiles blinking together with the north stars shining brightly in the sky. 

So, here I am now, still studying far away from home. I don't own, nor have i touched an iPhone before. But after browsing some of their Apps, one that strikes me the most is the "Star Walk"

When I saw this App, the first thing that popped in my head was "is this even possible? man, this is way too cool!". From the review, this amazing App is able to label stars, constellations, ecliptic, cardinal directions and galaxies just by pointing the camera at the back of the iPhone towards the beautiful night sky. One can even zoom in for more informations on a certain star or planet and bookmarked it for future visit! What's even cooler? This App has a time machine to show the movement of night sky at any preferred time and date, and also a location selector that will show you the night sky from different location. 

How I wished I had an iPhone equipped with this "Star Walk" App 15 years ago, browsing through the night sky, finding for stars of amazing names, planets and how they look like, where they are, how far are they from our Earth, and many more. 

It would be like telling a bedtime story to ourselves every night before we sleep, and the best thing is, this story on top of us never ends! 



the bert said...

technology..making the impossible possible..

ferra said...

yeah. making people feel the world is just in them

shark said...

GUd Luck!!!