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Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Stumbled upon this on nuffnang homepage, and yeah, this sure prompted me to read on further :). hmmm, i am required to write something on "DiGi iPhone 4 Me", and here it goes.....

iPhone, an indispensable gadget for today's city dwellers, businessmen, officers and even university students like me. Why? 

First of all, look around us and the pace we are going everyday. People are communicating in every possible seconds, be it though voice call or via sms texting, on the street, in the bus, at home, cooking, drawing, meeting, babysitting, whenever and wherever they are, communication nowadays have been inseparable with today's lifestyle. Phone has become a bridge connector for us and the people we loved, and i can't stand living without it, even for just a day.

Second, have you ever wished to carry a map, dictionary, currency converter, accelerometer, mp3 player, laptops, camera, video camcorder all on you so that just in case any occasion arises, you have just the right tool for that? I am not sure about you guys, but sure i wished i could. Suddenly lecturer popped out an unknown question, where to grab a dictionary? Travelling overseas, at least you can convert and count you money before shopping, and with a mobile map, getting the where you want to will not be a problem at all. Going out for a walk and stumbled upon an amazing scene, without a camera in hand, all you can do is register that in your mind, and slowly let it fade away without having the privilege to share to anyone. So, when all these are packed into one single thin square box, isn't is convenient enough for all of us? At least, it is well sufficient enough for me as a student :) (and i just CANT wait to have my hands on the 5-megapixel camera of iPhone 4).

Third, the compatibility of it makes life way easier as well. In the Mac world, everything that starts with an 'i' connects seamlessly with each other, iPhone, iPod, iBook just to name a few. Its like having one big family who just have different abilities individually, but agrees unanimously. I liked it :) .

Fourth, the "all-knowing" internet. With DiGi's package bundled together with an iPhone 4, internet is less than a stone-throw away. Update yourself with the latest news within seconds while you are on the move, reply emails and send pictures to all around the world when you are busy, or reply thank-you wishes for those heart-warming wishes u get on social networks when you are sick. On the other hand, for a student like me, browsing for informations and data is a troublesome task, especially when you have to queue to use the internet in the common room. So, having a phone that does this as well, will really safe me a lot of precious time and energy. 

Enough about iPhone, now lets move on to "Why i want an iPhone 4 from DiGi".

Well, this is an easy one :P. DiGi has been in my life for more than 7 years now, and i am still loving it, with all my heart and soul if i could :). It has accompanied me through a lot of ups and downs, through my stpm, degree, and now even studying master program together with me! DiGi has connected me to my loved ones, friends and family members while i study oversea (i am from Sabah, so studying at university in peninsular is considered as oversea, at least for me, hehe). Millions of thanks to DiGi again!

Frankly, i have never in my life bought or sign-up for anything that requires me to sign any contract (except ptptn loan i think, lol). But having a peek in the price offered by DiGi (,   its really affordable, especially when it goes down to as low as rm58 per month!!!! Its a tremendously wonderful news for student like me! I wished so badly to own this superb gadget, so it would really mean a lot to me if DiGi can pampered me with an iPhone 4 (hoping so badly, hehe).

You can want an iPhone4 for many other reasons as well i presume, but for me, i  WAAANNNTTTT an iPhone 4 and i LOVE simple as that  :) 

With an iPhone 4 and DiGi in hand, no dreams are too far-fetch to be true :)

p.s: will pray hard every single night for this iPhone4 dream to come true :P


Jiji-Fify said...

Great!!! All the best dude!! :)

De'din said...

wish u luck !