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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Let's talk Biology today.

Biology determines much of who we are since birth.
It determined our sex, 
whether we are a left-hander, or a right,
how tall we can be, 
blue eyes, fair skin, and brown hair.

Biology also determines much of the way we live.
From the moment we are born, 
we learn how to breathe, to eat.
As we grow, we learn new traits,
become territorial, we seek shelter,we reproduce.

Sometimes, biology can turn on us though.
Yeah, biology sucks, sometimes.

Biology says that we are who we are from birth,
that our DNA is set in stone, unchangeable.
we are human.
Life changes us.
We developed new traits,
become less territorial.
We learn from our mistakes,
we face our greatest fears.

For better or worse, we find ways to become more than our biology.
The risk, of course,
is that we can change too much,
to the point we can't recognise ourselves.

Finding the way back can be difficult, there will be no compass, no map,

 we just have to close our eyes, 
take a step,
and hope to God,
that we'll get there.


Hairil Rizal said...

Yeah, getting back to where we started will be the hardest thing to do.

Just imagine ourselves to return to the days when we were just a baby. Can we be that clean, fragile and sin-less again?

Possible...but it's more than an Everest to hike!

Dark Half said...

destiny is written..but it could be changed, depending on our efforts to change it

noreed said...

biology...use to be 1 of my fav subject in school

aneesa ♥ said...

love this subject ♥