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Thursday, October 14, 2010


"Nobody chooses to be a freak.
Most people don't even realize they are a freak until it's way to late to change it.
But no matter how much of a freak you end up being, 
chances are, there's still someone out there for you.
Unless, of course, if they've already moved on...

Because when it comes to love....
even freaks can't wait forever."

-grey's anatomy, season7episode3-


Halusinasi said...

wow...i'm anime freak (dh jelas sgt) hehe..

Nur-Za Marlyana Mohd Kamal said...

wow ! speechless, hehe

Hairil Rizal said...

Liked to watch Grey's Anatomy Kyle?

I don't because I haven't watched any!


Ir. Cacing Kerawit said...

erk! you're right....i can't change my bad habit even though i'd tried to.

Khairunnisa' said...

I love Grey's Anatomy!