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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kyle Explorer vers 1.0

By entering this domain, you are subjected to these terms & conditions:
1. Agree that life is too short to fill it with so much frowns
2. Will not distribute these 35 unknown attributes of Kyle to anyone, for whatever reasons
3. Finish reading until the end of the lists
4.  Smile from the bottom of your heart at all times

 here goes:
1. Kyle loves linguistic, but ends up somewhere in the scientific realm.

2. Kyle is left-handed, he does absolutely everything from holding a racket to punching someone using his left hand, except holding a pen and chopstick (result from grandma's persistent nagging, lol)

3. Kyle is very short when he was young, only reaching 158cm during form3, but peaked up to 178cm within the following year or two and remains till now (Yeah!, hahaha).

4. Kyle was born in Beaufort, Sabah. Spent most of his childhood and primary education in a small village called tamparuli. In sum, he 'pindah rumah' 7 times within his lifetime of 24 years.

5. Ou, Kyle is always the YOUNGEST in his class. Born on the last day of the year, he is well pampered :P (ou, he is the eldest among 3 siblings though)

6. On the paternal side of gene pool, Kyle has only 1 female cousin, other than that, all are males, and with high percentage of twins (there's 3 pairs of twins within close cousins, including his own two younger brothers), so the percentage of him having all boys and twins are ridiculously high (at least he thinks, haha)

7. Kyle never knew he needed spectacles, until he kept on complaining why the university is so stingy, keep on using old LCD projectors which are so blur, lol

8. Kyle LOVES batang hijau (kuih ketayap), hahaha

9. Kyle never smoke, drink, and go clubbing before (ou, he is so out dated, haha)

10. Kyle is asthmatic, but recovers as he doesn't has one relapse since long long long time ago (hopefully stays that way)

11. Kyle LIKE all kinds of fruits, seriously ALL, except apples (don't ask me why)

12. Kyle never tasted beef until he went into his first year of tertiary education (hahaha).

13. Kyle likes photography, but the best camera he has till now is a SE c901.

14. Kyle can understand, speak and write more than 6 languages! (english, mandarin, b. melayu, cantonese, hokkien, hakka, japanese-to the minimal)

15. Kyle writes poems, only when he feels like it, hehe
16. Kyle dislike people who are not punctual and untrustworthy (TOTALLY)

17. Kyle was once in a mooting team and that team won second place in international mooting competition held in Sabah! (Mooting is the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge)

18. Kyle went through Form6 cos matriculation is so hard to get in (sabah sarawak only shares one matriculation), and took all the science subjects, as a result, he just averaged all, lucky for him to get the course he wanted in university :)

19. Kyle will walk in the middle with his two twin brothers on both sides most of the time (they are the ones who doesn't want to walk together, lol, and people always thought we were triplets)

20. Kyle can move his eye brow one at a time! (bangga bangga, haha)

21. Kyle will not tolerate disturbance during sleep time, whoever does it will be whacked! hehe

22. Kyle has no sisters, all male in the family, except mom :)

23. Kyle worked as a substitute teacher for two months after form5, teaching maths and Economy for form1 and form5 respectively (though never took economy b4)

24. Kyle prefer nature over over-urbanisation

25. Kyle's mandarin name bears the meaning of 'keeper of peace'

26. Kyle can understand BM Sarawak, BM kelantan, BM terengganu, BM kedah, BM penang, BM KL, BM sabah....and also the one we learnt from school.....

27. People in Peninsular often mistaken Kyle as a Kelantanese malay due to his looks, and he likes it, hahaha

28. Kyle finally reached his optimum BMI index starting a year ago, before that, he blames his high metabolism within, hehehe

29. Kyle went oversea only twice in his life, hatyai and medan......hopefully more to come!

30. Kyle was brought up in an environment where respect, humility and tolerant is of utmost importance, so he despise disrespect and arrogance of any kind!

31. Kyle has been to all the states of Malaysia, except Johor, hehe

32. Kyle doesn't talk much, very quiet. Maybe because of his slow internal processor, haha

33. Kyle believes that what we do will affect others and contribute to the larger society, no matter how small a contribution was done, so don't wait for others, start from ourselves.

34. kyle despise those who rate others, especially those who rate the whole community just because of one person! There are no race more superior than the other, given children of various ethnics from young, if good education both spiritually and materially, they will all excel to be the best of men equally, serving others in their own ways.

35. Kyle never believed in friendship found in the internet realm, until he met cheerful mr. warlordfickry bro in china, and many more!!
*This Explorer was created in response to Mr. Warlord's post. 

mr. fickry, you are taggeD! Waiting for your 35 unknown lists! hehe

(sorry guys, too lazy to tag all of you, you may response to this post whenever you want, no pressure, cheers!)


F.I.C.K.R.Y said...

Wahhhh! 我读的时候,真的很感动~!!!
Thankz banyak² pasai tag blog aku yang simple dimple tue...

Seronok baca entry hang kali ni. Part paling BEST adalah 'batang hijau'. Really quite funny. Hahahahaaa...




kyle said...

haha, don't just read, go and do your own explorer oso, i'm waiting..... :P

zmah said...

Wah!...banyak betul biodata dia...

Asam Makruh said...

people need LOVE, seriously

Hairil Rizal said...

Hey friend, why u call me cheerful. I am super cheerful lah! Haha!

Sincerely, my jaw almost drop 30cm to the floor (since I tgh meniarap sekarang) in seeing that u have a lot in common with me!

I know u love linguistics - I used my spidey senses to detect that, and similar to me, you're stuck in something scientific rather than linguistic. Haha!

Too many to comment on your 35s friend.. I can make a new entry by itself here. Not to steal the limelight from u, I decide not to! Haha

Thanks friend.. u really are friendship in the internet realm.

Have a nice day!

kyle said...

haha, glad to know u hairil :) truely a wonderful n SUPER cheerful fren, hehe

miss nina said...

kyle, u should melawat johor :)