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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's a cool normal tuesday night. I just came back from refilling groceries, and decided to BW (blogwalk) for awhile before continuing my thesis writing. Pleasant evening, that i greeted with a smile from inside out. And while i was happily bw-ing, "boom", "boom"......DAMN IT, someone's throwing firecrackers again!

I have been patient for quite awhile now, this has been happening since fasting month, i tolerate it, ok, it's for raya, though it disturbs my friends during their terawih, it's fine, though it made us came out with a few vulgar words, it's ok, "fine, once a year, i get it", it never even bother me to go and see who is the one playing all those firecrackers, coz the taman i'm staying in is very small, only consist of 7 rows of houses arranged in rectangular.

BUT today?? is what? ALMOST a month after ramadhan, and you still throwing that thing? if it goes out one shot i dont mind, but that damn teenagers disassembled the long firecrackers and throw it one by one....DAMN its TOTALLY ANNOYING! Imagine getting a sudden bolt every 3 mins, how would that make u feel??

I was so pissed, went out and see whose the culprits, and guess what i found? No teenagers, no kids, 3 young girls were caught red-handed. And when i went out there, they pretend like everything was fine, they were talking and laughing, NO its not, I am 100% sure it was you guys, no need to pretend, i can still see the residue smoke (how idiot would tat be, stupid) plus, the house they are standing in front of (i am not sure whether they live there or not) is resided by police (a couple, both are police officers stayed there). Where is your manners? No consideration? The new-born of my neighbour was crying...Where is your virtue? what fun you have by doing that? Have no other better use of time? go learn sewing, drawing, or whatever that you want, how you wana waste your life is none of my business, just stay away from making havoc to others!!  They stood just few houses after my house, when i came in, the smell of firecrackers was still thick....i was so PISSED, but they are the police, so? (even if they aren't related, or aren't staying there, the police residing there should take action, should they not?)

SO ? why would they have those stuffs in the first place?
second, where are the law-enforcers?
third, let say if i gonna call the police for disturbance from neighbour, what action can they take? who knows the one who pick up my phone is the one residing there too? lol

Laws are made for a reason, citizens are suppose to follow, and if they don't, a higher body, namely the police a.k.a law-enforcers will take actions. SO, indirectly, law-enforcers such as the POLICE would first have to follow those laws, right? I followed, why can't you?

Playing firecrackers were prohibited now, and out of all that was playing, it's the law enforcers family that was playing all these while, how ironic is that?

DAMN IT!!!! now, my friends, tell me, what is wrong? 
(p.s: my day was ruined by 3 stupid girls!)


Hairil Rizal said...

Just to keep you in the calm a bit, there was a saying 'No girls no cry', right?

BTW, you're so productive today eh? Got xtra energy and idea from somewhere?

kyle said...

xtra energy n idea? hehe.....maybe too stress, thats why :P

F.I.C.K.R.Y said...

Hahahaa... I hate firecrackers too~
Can U imagine when kids play 'meriam buluh' during Terawih?!

Arghhhh! Shock! Can't concentrate on praying!

kyle said...

tue lar, kesian.....huhuhu...

zirconia said...

totally agree here. sangat annoyed dgn firecrackers lagi-lagi kalau diorang baling dalam longkang. bunyi dia double kot. pukul 11 malam pula tu. memang tercabar.

Tomato Gurl's Life said...

betul2..bising je dgn bunyi tidur pun terjaga...