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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mom is daughter's new classmate

"An unrepentant teenage truant has a new classmate to keep her from skipping school in southeastern Brazil: her mom.
Judge Evandro Pelarin of the Children's Court in the town of Fernandopolis says the 14-year-old girl regularly skipped class and was frequently seen in town loitering and consuming alcohol.
Pelarin told the Globo TV network Friday that the mother will have to attend classes with her daughter until the school says the problem has been solved. He did not mention any penalties should the mother not abide by his ruling.
He said the girl's parents supported his decision and agreed that attending classes with the daughter could help keep her in school.
The mother has had to quit her job as a housekeeper. - AP

Published Oct 16 2010, from"

Nice move! Think our country can adopt this as well, then and only then, kids would not dare to skip classes from school and go loitering elsewhere, and the parents won't point their finger and say it's the school that's at fault.....
(mutual benefit as well, mom can learn stuffs they have forgotten from classroom lessons, and help to keep an eye on their kids, lessen teachers' job, hehe........)

How many of u guys out there say YES to this??


sYaMi-Satu Penjuru said...

well, it iS YES if only a daughter she got.
it is big NO, if it is daughterS.

it is YES, if only the mom dont have no alternative ways of persuading her daughter.
it is NO, if the mother really is a good mother from the beginning, cuz she dont have too.

kyle said...

hmm...correct too :P

never thought of the problem if a mom has few troubled kids, hahaha

Azmi said...

kyle pasal nuffnang tu..bila kita dah dapt ME..dia takkan bertambah dah..itu adalah jumlah yg kita dapat semasa iklan BE berlangsung...ME akan menambahkan total earning yg kita dpt...

Cik Su said...

very good idea lor

Hairil Rizal said...

YES from me

It's a deterrent act actually. Parents would not want to do that in the first place, so without a choice, they'll have to make sure that their kids are OK inside and outside home!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Maybe got another way to keep the girls at school.. Hmm I am afraid to be at schools with daughters might disturb the mothers work, thus she should quit her job..

Well, depends on the parents teaching to their own kids..

ctpayong said...

this is also one way of how to motivate our children love study